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How to contact support
You can find support on our main site
or send a support ticket from your back office.
You can also visit our office.

I lost my phone and need reset my google Authentigetor
Contact support
we will answer within 24-72 hours

Earnings questions

Can I have more then 1 account

What happen if I get a new license or upgrade my license
If you choose to get a new or upgrade your license. 
Then your old license will automatic be terminated 

What happen if my license only is 3 months old and I want to upgrade to a bigger license
Your old license will be terminated, and the new license will start from the day you bought it

Can I change my sponsor

Is it allowed to cross recruiting
And if we do find out, your account will be blocked for 6 month to we clear things out

Do you have daily payout
Yes, After your request we will send your earnings within 24-72 hours

Can I see my earnings directly
Yes, all earnings is calculated in the system within 10 min. 

The new Booster plan how do that works
To benefit from the Booster plan you need to have an active License, and depending on your License, is how many active booster plan you can have active at the same time, you can find more information in the marketing plan, click on business

BAC Tokens questions

Can I use my BAC token on products.
Yes, when the BAC token have got a value from the public exchanges then we will add BAC tokens as an payment.

How can I exchange my BAC tokens.
All BAC tokens can be exchange on the public exchange.

How much is the BAC token worth
That is 100% depending on the trading value on the exchangers, and nothing we can control once its on the exchange.

Video guides

How to navigate in the back office?

How to pay with Bitcoin and ETH?

How to submit your KYC?

How to sign up new members?

How to withdraw your earnings?

How to create codes ( E-Pin )?

How to setup Google Authenticator?

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